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Updating Your Living Space for a Fresh, Fun Look

Posted by Mitchell Russell on

Is your living room looking a little… blah? Maybe it hasn’t had an update since 1983. Or you’ve outgrown your “I’m an adult now” neutral stage and are looking to add some personality and life back into your space.

Well, we can help! Our home decor company stays on top of the trends so we can offer you the latest, freshest looks coupled with our high-quality products.


According to House Beautiful, “Ice-cream pastels, glittery golds, indigo blues, and super zingy color pops…”  are the fun colors in style this year. As the summer heats up, we’re craving ice-cream inspired colors for our home decor. You can couple these fresh colors with layers of textures and enjoy your new vibrant yet cozy room.

Caliberry offers throw pillows and cuddly blankets in a range of yummy pastels and rich textures. We offer a full range of luscious, textured pillows and soft blankets that provide layers of interesting and inviting coziness.


Accessorize your kitchen with our bamboo cutting boards featuring on-trend genres like fantasy, humor, and tacos. We also offer a great selection of 12oz wine tumblers that just beg you to sip your favorite cabernet in them.

Indulge in an old (yet new) favorite accessory by creating making a custom design request and we'll help you make your idea a reality. If you’re not feeling especially creative, our newest additions may inspire you. They’ll give you that trendy ‘custom’ look without all the effort. You can also feel good about your purchase knowing that it’s backed by our US based, epic customer service.


We work hard to make sure our products are trendy, comfortable, stylish, well-coordinated, and of the highest quality. When you choose Caliberry Home Goods, you’ll have the assurance of knowing that you’re investing in a product that you’ll love—and love showing off to those who doubted you had a sense of style.

Contact us with any questions.

~ Mitch & The Caliberry Team